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Mrs. Deepawati Sen
M.Sc (Madras University), Director (1974 to 2000) 

Mrs. Sen is an earth scientist. Before joining JBNSTS she was a teacher and Head of the Geography Department at Loreto College, Calcutta where she started the Honors Course. Earlier, as a Fellow of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research she worked on the arid landscape of western Rajasthan.  


The contributions of Mrs. Sen over a period of nearly 25 years are diverse and have addressed larger issues than had been looked at before. She set herself to institution building, taking the JBNSTS from its small niche in the Bose Institute to the national plane.

The opportunity came in the eighties when Government of India handed over to her and to JBNSTS one of the largest projects in the NGO (non-governmental organization) sector. With this milestone came funds, human resources, a new larger rented home, new educational inputs and experiences, extensive networking with scholars, computerization and international recognition.  

Mrs Sen designed the Scientific Creativity Test which introduces the dimension of testing divergent thinking in high ability students through a method that takes into account the academic, cultural and social context of Indian students. This test is still used as one of the main selection tool for sieving out the best students.  

Under her able leadership the institution has shaped up as a Centre for Excellence with  a national reputation.  She has put in titanic effort , enunciating for JBNSTS a well defined charter with "Pursuit of Excellence"  as a motto for the scholars.  In this sense, she has been the architect of modern JBNSTS.  

During her long tenure there have been unprecedented expansion, extending JBNSTS from Bengal to cover 12 more States of India, designing the institutionís innovative programs, introducing various types of learning activities, procuring land and money for building a "Centre of Excellence" and perhaps most importantly, networking closely with all scholars to make them a part of the "JBNSTS family".  This networking has led to seniors extending a helping hand to the juniors. 

As an administrator, she has trained a team of dedicated staff with utmost care to continue to serve the institution with missionary zeal.  She continues to be a role model and a source of inspiration and admiration for many.

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